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Located in the beautiful Yocona River Valley near Oxford, Mississippi only minutes from the University of Mississippi.

We produce high quality KHSI Registered Purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep, ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats and products such as goat milk and Artisan Cheeses. In addition to goat-derived products, we also manage a flock of free-range hens, including Rhode Island Reds, Auracanas, and Barred Rocks, all of which are steady producers of pesticide-free eggs. Organic fruits and vegetables are also farmed at Valley House Farm, and sustainable agriculture is practiced in all facets of our farming. 

All animals and products at the farm comply with the USDA definition of "Natural." In addition, all poultry and livestock are considered "Free range" or "Free roaming" as defined by the USDA. 

At no time are growth hormones of any kind given to any of our livestock, and pesticide usage is significantly reduced with a goal of elimination when possible. When needed, organic pesticides remain our only source for treating plant diseases and our preferred choice when treating animal diseases. 

Sell Local/Buy Local

Join us in supporting local restaurants that buy locally grown foods.  Please support the Ravine restaurant of Oxford, MS.  Owner and Chef Joel Miller do an outstanding job of supporting local farmers. 

Items Currently for Sale:

            Eggs by the Dozen

        Goat Milk

        Spring Lamb Reservations

Photos of our farm can be found here.

Our philosophy on sustainable agriculture can be found here

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