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Whole Unpasteurized Fresh Goat Milk

Finally, after two years of breeding, buying and building the farm, we are now producing gallons of fresh milk each day.  Milk is for sale directly on the farm. 

            Half Gallon Jugs = $5.00


Goat cheese is being used in the kitchens of some of the most famous restaurants in North America., as so many have enthusiastically embraced the taste of goat cheese in their favorite dishes, including pizza, ravioli, sauces, and appetizers. Fresh goat cheese also pairs wonderfully with the local wines and microbrews. Everyday, more and more people discover the delights of goat cheese, thus continuing the demand for it.  Goat cheese (Chevre cheese) can be found in many varieties, packed in various shapes and sizes, and varying in texture and taste.


Did you Know?

When compared to cow's milk products like cream cheese, goat cheese is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol. It also provides more calcium and fewer carbohydrates than cream cheese. Even though goat cheese has less calories, it has a full, rich and creamy flavor. Goat cheeses are easier to digest than cow's milk cheeses because the fat cells are smaller, thereby more closely resembling human milk. This also allows the fat to be broken down and more easily assimilated.  Many people who are lactose intolerant or have other milk-related allergies can eat cheeses made from goat milk.


Freezing Goat Cheese:

To freeze goat cheese, leave cheese in its original packaging. If it have been already opened, wrap tightly in plastic wrap. then overwrap with more plastic wrap or heavy-duty aluminum foil, and place it into a heavy-duty freezer bag.  When you are ready to use the cheese, thaw it slowly, preferably in the refrigerator overnight. For best flavor, use frozen cheese within a couple of months.


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