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Horse Boarding 

Great news for horse owners! Now you can sleep well at night knowing your horse is being well cared for at Valley House Farm. We take great pride in providing exceptional care for all animals at the farm, and with a few empty stalls and a steady stream of incoming requests for boarding, we decided to open our barn to boarders in 2011.

We are happy to offer full boarding for socialized, well-behaved horses. Horses must be at least halter-broke and able to tolerate goats, chickens, cows, calves, dogs, and cats, as well as children. Because the safety and well-being of all animals (both four-legged and two) at Valley House Farm is our top priority, we reserve the right to refuse services at any time. Please keep in mind, we are a child-friendly facility.

 Full Boarding Services Include:

Horse Owners Have Access to:

Access times will be arranged per client. Private lessons and training can be arranged if needed.

Full Boarding Service provided for $300/month. This does not include veterinary fees, Ferrier fees, etc., but we are happy to make arrangements for vet and Ferrier visits at the horse owner's expense.




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